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The 2024 Guide To Buying Investment Bags

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Consider this an evolution from previous seasons’ pillowy, puff and quilting bags. While it doesn’t swap in quite the same way for spontaneous napping opportunities, there’s still comfort in the visual appeal of the style’s generous folds and undulations. The hardware on the Loewe squeeze bag is like a brilliant piece of jewellery. It comes in so many wonderful hues that to opt for classic black would be a missed opportunity.
The aspect ratio of bags is something designers have long experimented with – and playing with proportions shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. From Dior to Mulberry, almost every hero bag has reconfigured its orientation to focus more on width than depth, and this includes the renaissance of the baguette shape.
Those that need to carry more than just a phone and want a stylish holdall that’s up to task can breathe a sigh of relief – those prayers have been heard and answered. Not compromising on space means you’re less likely to carry multiple bags to catch the overflow – and your future self will thank you for being so considerate.
While sharp lines have their place, sometimes, life requires softness and comfort, from crescents, smoothed hobos, dumpling shapes and spheres. Comfortingly nostalgic – with nods to the ’90s – choose buttery-soft leathers to match your new, smooth silhouette.
Not every investment has to be from a big designer label. Choosing contemporary bag brands with vision that also stand strong on quality means you’re supporting the next generation of designers – and you’re less likely to find yourself running into multiples of these when out and about.
Sometimes, what’s old feels new and you really just want what you’ve always wanted. The preloved movement has made it possible to find sold-out or discontinued pieces that previously got away. Whether it’s a case of reliving or fulfilling dreams from a younger you or just granting yourself a moment, a well-chosen vintage buy can really hit the spot.