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  • Top Tips

    • Stick to neutral colours such as tan, black or navy, or nearly-neutral reds and burgundys
    • Embrace the 1970s nature of clogs and wear with a pair of flares or a floaty maxi dress
    • If you have shorter calves, avoid ankle straps so you don’t shorten your legs further


    It’s easy to categorise clogs in the ‘ugly shoe’ trend and dismiss them as a passing fad, but we think there’s so much more to them. Aside from their surprising comfort and practicality, they add instant cool to any outfit; not only will they go with most of your summer wardrobe, you’ll instantly gain fashion points every time you wear them. And they’re not really a trend at all – in our view, anything that evokes 1970s styling is a safe buy with real longevity.

    Top Tips

    • Keep the hardware pared back – simple studs work well, but avoid anything else that adds bulk to the overall shape
    • Clogs are really comfortable so are a great way to easily add height
    • Think of them as an alternative to your wedges and you can’t go wrong



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