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  • Deborah’s Short Torso Swimwear Picks

    When it comes to swimwear, I always prefer bold block colours and simple silhouettes and, because I have a short torso, I tend to go for bikinis. Covering my good bit with a swimsuit makes no sense. Instead, retro high-waisted briefs work because of the sliver of skin left at the top, or I choose low hipster briefs. Remember – the smaller the brief the better! Less fabric on the bottom weirdly makes you look smaller! I promise.



    Prism do the best retro bikinis around. The fabric really holds everything in and when I’m sunbathing I roll the bottoms down to tan my tummy. This tiger-print set is so much fun!

    Marysia Swim£140

    I have two Marysia bikinis, one in navy and the other in yellow and they straddle the elegant/pretty line perfectly. This laser-cut style would make a striking addition to any swimsuit collection.


    I only wear Bodas underwear: the fit and fabric are the best and this knowledge translates seamlessly into their swimwear. The silhouette is simple and unfussy and a choice of different tops and bottoms means you can mix and match to suit your body shape. Plus, the fabric is lightweight and dries in an instant.

    Tara Matthews£155

    I adore Tara’s bikinis: the fabric is always super-thick with great stretch, and they last for years. Her strapless bikini top really holds you in and her choice of colours is huge, so it feels like you’re getting something tailor-made just for you.


    I love bold pops of colour on the beach – this cobalt blue will look great with a tan and I love the simple 70s detailing with the twisted ties and tassels.

    Karla Colletto£180

    I’m not a huge fan of patterned swimwear, so I love this cut-out design which is playful but still elegant, especially in this wine tone – a great alternative to black.



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