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  • Top Tips

    • The heavier the texture of the knit, the more it falls and hugs curves 
    • Avoid a too-fine thread as it can start to look like a cheap lace rather than crochet
    • If you wear something with structure underneath, the crochet will cling to that rather than to your lumps and bumps

    Grown-Up Crochet

    No longer just for festivals and fairgrounds, summer crochet has experienced a stylish reboot. However, it’s still a texture that divides a room. On one hand, it’s had a significant fashion presence since the 1960s, but on the other hand it’s notoriously tricky to wear. However we persevere with this homespun knit, as it joyfully reminds us of bohemian islands, long summers and sandy beaches…

    By Petro

    Top Tips

    • An accessory, especially a bag, is a good way in to this trend
    • Wearing panels rather than full crochet also makes it easier to wear
    • White might seem a little dull, but it’s the most timeless way to invest in crochet
    • Always opt for a looser fit to avoid a bulging look



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