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  • Top Tips

    • A tassel-trim bag is an easy entry into fringing and will give just a hint of summer flair to your outfit. 
    • It works best on luxe, supple fabrics that move well: leather, suede, silk and cashmere.   
    • When wearing fringing in the day, opt for subtle, shorter-length tassels.  


    Fringing might not be an obvious classic, but the folksy trim comes with a ’70s feel that (like most things from that style decade) places it firmly in camp ‘forever trend’. There’s nothing quite like a smattering of swishy fringe to give an outfit texture, and thanks to its summery appeal, it’s the perfect detail to add into your wardrobe now. Less is more, so reach for pieces with just a hint and keep the rest of your look embellishment-free.    

    Edited by Laura Words by Frankie

    Top Tips

    • Extra-long fringing comes with drama, making it perfect for impactful evening looks. 
    • Doubling up can be done – just mix and match different fabrics and lengths. 
    • Clean lines are the perfect foil for fringing’s folksy aesthetic; think minimal separates and sleek accessories. 



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