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  • Inside the wardrobe of

    Jasmine Hemsley

    She’s most likely the reason you bought a spiralizer several years ago, got hooked on turmeric lattes, started making bone broth and know a little about Ayurveda. Welcome inside the gorgeous home (and wardrobe) of cookbook author and wellbeing expert Jasmine Hemsley.

    By Petro

    What we love about Jasmine is that so much of what she has achieved stems from her genuine desire to share her passion for wellbeing and living sustainably. The former model and furniture design student was initially known as one being half of the Hemsley + Hemsley sister duo, but she has since branched out on her own. Most recently, she wrote a solo cookbook inspired by the principles of Ayurveda (an ancient Indian health system) called East By West and she runs pop-up restaurants and hosts retreats steeped in these same healing principles. She also serves as an ambassador for Women For Women, an organisation that aims to empower women in conflict zones to regain control over their lives and reach their full potential (they’re behind the amazing #sheinspiresme car-boot sale). On that note, this is one Jasmine’s superpowers. Finding treasures, well, in other people’s discards. Her home is full of pieces that have come to her from other places, and everything she owns tells a story – a stylish one. Here, she speaks about how she’s able to honour her love of beautiful things and the Earth, all at the same time.    

    Photos by Julie Adams

    “This vintage handbag came from my fiancé Nick’s great aunt Joan, who I adopted as my own. She passed away earlier this year aged 99, so not only is it an incredibly sentimental piece, but it also represents how a quality item can still be enjoyed for years and years to come if looked after well. Auntie Joan and I also share the same initials, which are embossed onto the bag’s little matching purse.”


    “I’ve loved Mother of Pearl for a long time, but even more so since its creative director, Amy Powney, has been pushing towards total sustainability – at the moment it’s through their ‘No Frills‘ line, but she’s hoping to extend it across the brand as a whole. I think what most attracts me to their pieces is the sense of fun and playfulness. They never take themselves too seriously, which is totally my approach to getting dressed!”


    “I’m a big car-booter, and these vintage sunglasses were all purchased at local car boots in the South London area over the years. The basket bag is from Mola Sasa, who released an Earth Day collection last year. The tote was handwoven from palm leaves, by women of the Cesar region of Colombia, in the community of Chimichagua. Everyone always admires it.”


    “These shoes were a charity shop find that I couldn’t leave behind! I’m a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to charity shops and car boots, and these cost more than I’d usually spend (especially as I did have them re-soled because it turned out they were a bit slippy!), but I loved them and they were the perfect size so in a true ‘it was meant to be!’ moment – I just couldn’t resist.”


    “Each pair of Zyne shoes is handmade by local women cooperatives in Morocco. Zyne teaches their employees the craft of babouche-making as well as supporting them financially. I love these comfy low-heeled but elegant mules – they go with everything and knowing the story behind what you purchase makes each piece much more special.”


    “Last year I was lucky enough to attend the annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Unfortunately, after hosting a late-night sound bath and an early start for the airport… I forgot my suitcase. After much digging around at [vintage shop] Carmen Copenhagen, I found this couture brocade skirt, an orange cardigan, a pair of black shoes (the only ones that fit me in the whole shop) and a handbag, all of which looked made for one another. I managed to persuade the owner to rent me the outfit, but after many compliments  – and a great story to tell – I just had to keep them all!”


    “I’m not particularly organised with my wardrobe (or life!). If it’s a piece I’ve just got my hands on, then I’ll find an excuse to wear it whatever the weather. I love dresses and patterns, but even more than that I like to be comfy and warm. I tend to throw socks, trainers or boots on, and a cardigan, jumper or big coat over my dresses, so without meaning to be boho-tomboy, that tends to be the look I achieve in the end!”


    “I’m a magpie and get drawn to textures and colours, especially when it comes to accessories, as they allow you to style the same outfit multiple ways. Costume jewellery (and big earrings in particular) fit the bill. I don’t like the feeling of heavy pieces in my lobes, so clip-ons work well for me. I have a few lovely pieces from my other half Nick, which we’ve chosen together and sourced from ethical brands and makers.”


    “I like things that don’t quite go, but add a bit of personality. As my friend Naomi, who works with me, says, I ‘always look like I got dressed in the dark but somehow get away with it’. As you can tell, I take this as a compliment! Every now and then I wear a classic get-up such as skinny jeans, a jumper and brogues (as seen on the sofa), but more often than not you can expect a loud, patterned outfit and clashing bag.”


    Marlow is a brand I recently discovered on Instagram – the pieces are made to last, but don’t cost the earth and aim to start meaningful conversations through food-for-thought words laser-cut into the leather. Each bag is handmade from Italian vegetable-tanned leather and no two pieces are the same. Paradise Row has become a cult brand known for its circular bags with a stylised etched face on them, and this green leather one is from their brand new CORE collection.”


    “This is the first time I’ve actually worn this shirt. I got it for £1 from a pile of vintage clothing on the floor of a car boot. I love the muted colour and shape, and its double-breasted design. Adding some baggy jeans helps lift it from 80s granny to something a lot more current and cool (in my head!).”


    “I found this dress in a vintage shop in Manchester when I was up there promoting my book last year. My best friend Sjaniel and I went out for lunch the next day with my brother-in-law and he found himself joining a trail of vintage-shopping madness. He ended up with a unique shirt, which I’ve seen him wear quite a bit. Sjaniel pulled this dress off the rail and held it up in front of me. I love the colours and the pattern, plus it’s the perfect length for flats while still looking elegant – she knows me well!”


    “I wear a lot of colour in my clothes, so while I do like make-up I tend to wear just enough to make me feel confident – although there’s nothing like a red lipstick when you’ve just gone for a t-shirt and jeans. Just like with food, I try to keep my beauty routine as natural as possible. That’s becoming easier, what with the awareness around reducing chemicals in the products we use on our skin, and there are a lot more diverse options to play around with.”


    “I treated myself to this hat while working at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show last year. I love hats, but find them too much of a faff day-to-day (another thing to misplace!). That said, in the summer, they are a must. The black and white Prada dress was a steal from the Women For Women Annual Car Boot. This is a fantastic charity that I support and I was there working on a Golden Milk stand to keep everyone refreshed. This 50s-style monochrome dress – one of the few items left at the end of the day – caught my eye. It is just over the knee and every time I wear it I feel a little bit Audrey Hepburn.”


    “Plants help on so many levels in your personal space – not only energetically, but also by cleaning up the air. The quality of air in many homes is said to be worse than the pollution outdoors, due to dust build-up and chemicals from cleaning products and candles. A lot of my plants are rescued straight out of a skip – I used to live next door to a commercial florist, so the sick or past-their-sell-by-date ones were just tossed. Between my mum and me, we’d nurse them back to life.”


    “I’m a sucker for crystals and scents. Again it’s another energetic thing and really makes my house a home. This old drinks trolley is by my front door, so it’s the first place I visit when I come home and the last one on the way out. It’s got some essential oil blends that I use to either scent the house or myself before I walk out the door. The crystals are such a lovely welcome and sometimes I take whichever one I’m drawn to on the road with me for the day ahead.”



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