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  • Repair Services

    We believe in buying for longevity, but special clothes do take some looking after. So consider this your little black book of repair gods. The kind of person who can make a small tear, scuff or blemish on your favourite ICONS magically disappear. Save this page to your bookmark bar, enter the details into your phone and when the time comes you can call on them to save you a small fortune and make your most valuable pieces look like new again.


    Vestiaire CollectivePrice on request

    After a wardrobe clear-out we make a small pile of pieces we can recycle. There are fewer and fewer items nowadays, but when we do it we make sure the designer goods get a Vestiaire listing. It’s a great way to make new money from old treasures.

    Saint Laurent

    Handbag ClinicPrice on request

    We all have that bag that has been much-loved and seen better days. Don’t be tempted to give it a DIY treatment, instead try the Handbag Clinic for an expert eye and touch to make your forever bags last… well, forever.


    The RestoryPrice on request

    It’s one thing spending a lot on leather goods, it’s quite another investing in repairing them. However if you are serious about making your pieces last you’ll have to spend that bit more on resoling and reheeling. The Restory will pick up from any central London location and make any shoe as good as new.

    Everyone has a dress, pair of trousers or even a jacket that can benefit from some tailoring. Clothes Doctor can repair and tailor anything you can imagine and does so flawlessly.

    We have yet to drop anything off that Master Dry Cleaners can’t deal with. Oil spills on silk, dye disasters… if you’ve ruined it, it’s worth seeing if they can fix it. They also do great alterations and shoe repairs. A one-stop shop.



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