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    When it comes to beauty maintenance, I am the absolute definition of lazy. I never blow-dry my hair unless a hairdresser does it, I am useless at doing my own nails and my daily skincare regime is haphazard to say the least. So these products in my cabinets are not necessarily used every day, but they do make an appearance in my ‘routine’. I have extremely sensitive combination skin, so sometimes I just give it a break and don’t use anything apart from a hydrating mask.

    SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque£58

    This is a skin saviour; when you have a flare-up or break-out this calming mask really helps to take the inflammation down a couple of notches.

    Lancôme Miel-En Mousse£23.50

    I just tried this foaming cleanser and I’m totally hooked. It smells divine, removes make-up easily and doesn’t dry out my skin.

    Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream£70

    This really is magic – you will adore the smell, packaging, and how fresh your skin looks after just one application.

    Rodial Rose Gold Moisturiser£200

    This is a great heavy-duty cream – I do think it’s worth its weight in gold. Soothing, smoothing and plumping in one.

    REN Atlantic Kelp Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil£26

    Normally I am a jump-in-the shower-and-run kind of girl, but when I get a chance to bathe I love nothing more than a good Ren bath oil. This one is my favourite for feeling rejuvenated.

    KEEOME Hydration Therapy Mask£6.50

    When you need extra hydration or to look your best, these sheet masks work miracles on tired skin the night before.

    Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Strong Sun£39

    Hydrating, not too heavy and allows for a bit of a tan without ever burning. This SPF really helps with preventing heat rash, too.

    DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs£6.75

    I always have a supply of these, as they are fantastic for fixing make-up accidents in a rush and they last forever – one box usually sees me through a year!

    Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher£65

    This is permanently in the shower. Once a week I give my face a bit of a scrub and then usually leave it make-up free. It’s great for those with sensitive skin, gently getting rid of dead skin cells.

    Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo£13

    This cleansing shampoo is fab for getting rid of dry shampoo build-up and for long hair with oily roots. It’s gentle enough to be used on the kids, too, so one bottle works for all on holiday.

    Darphin Intral Shield SPF50£35

    After our recent Medicetics Instagram Stories Live, there was much discussion over the benefits of a good daily high-factor SPF application, even in the northern hemisphere in winter. This Darphin SPF is designed for sensitive skin – it’s also lightweight and won’t make you shiny.

    Origins Super Spot Remover£15.50

    From time to time I get a hormonal break out. This Origins blemish remover is great for drying my skin out, reducing inflammation and making recovery that bit quicker.

    Rodial Rose Gold Line Filler£75

    This rose gold line filler is like Photoshop in real time. 



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