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  • Party Hair 101

    When it comes to a party, we’re clear on the make-up. Glossy skin and matt red lips. However, we’re sometimes at a loss with what to do with our hair. So we asked the stylists at George Northwood for their top tips on easy styles that look like they took seconds (and actually only take a few minutes). Follow these simple steps to effortless summer-party dos. 

    Laura Loves

    Oliver Bonas

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    THE LOW BUN – The trick to elevating a low bun is in the hair prep, not the pinning. Start with hair that’s mostly dry, then create loose waves with a medium-barrel tong. Apply quite a lot of dry shampoo and back-comb at the crown. Divide hair into three sections (sides and back), and tie the back into a low pony. Twist into a relaxed bun and pin. Next, gently sweep one section back and over the top of the bun, securing it underneath. Repeat on the other side. To finish, slide a clip onto hair at the temple.

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    STRAIGHT WITH A TWIST – Wash and rough dry your hair. The next step makes all the difference: straighten sections of your hair (the key is to use tension) for that silky-straight finish. Add a heat-protective spray if you tend towards dryness. Set hair and smooth flyaways with a light-hold hairspray. Slide a fabric or bejewelled band into place, leaving large sections in front of the band so it’s only visible at the crown.  


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    THE MESSY BRAID – For those with long hair, this is one of our favourite (and easiest) styles. Rough dry hair and use seasalt spray to give the hair texture. Blast the hair with a little heat to get rid of any moisture, and create a deep side part. Loosely plait hair from behind; halfway down, bring the plait around to the front and continue. Once tied, tease hair out with your fingers.  

    Laura Loves


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    LOW PONY – A simple pony comes into its own with a few tricks. Wash your hair and spritz on volumising spray. Rough dry, part your hair and then use a medium-barrel tong to create loose waves all over. Apply dry shampoo and then back-comb hair at the crown. Pull your hair back into a low pony (keep it relaxed). Tong the ends so the pony has a few rough kinks. Add your bow.



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