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    This page could also be called ‘beauty basics’. These are the products you always make sure you have with you, no matter where in the world you are. They aren’t exotic, fancy or expensive, but they’re essentials we buy time and time again. Think of them as like a good white T-shirt – they might seem a little run of the mill, but they’re still iconic.

    Laura, Petro, Deborah and Carrie
    Carrie Loves

    Carrie: When it comes to make-up application, a Beautyblender is a game-changer in my book. Whether you use a tinted moisturiser or foundation, I guarantee a flawless finish. After I use serum and moisturiser, I lightly apply my make-up with my fingers in the areas that need the most coverage. Next step, Beautyblender time. The key is to make sure the blender is slightly damp. I prefer to spritz it with a lovely moisturising elixir from Caudalie, but feel free to use water, then squeeze out the extra moisture. You can pat, sweep, or swirl using the blender. Whatever the method, you will see your make-up blend and conceal absolutely perfectly.

    Laura Loves
    Beauty Focus - Bioderma

    Laura: I’ve become addicted to the fresh, squeaky-clean sensation these Bioderma wipes give my skin after I’ve dabbed my face with them. Each wipe is infused with micellar solution, which cleanses the skin and calms any redness and irritation. Perfect for those looking for a quick fix for efficient make-up removal, I love to use them after cleansing in the evening. These super-gentle wipes are ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive.

    Petro Loves
    Wardrobe ICONS Beauty Focus

    Petro: These little saviours look like ordinary cotton buds, but they’re anything but. DHC Cotton Swabs are infused with olive oil, making them the gentlest make-up correctors on the market. Long gone are the days where I have to remove an entire face of make-up because of one mistake or splodge. These correctors can remove anything with the greatest of ease – even dried-on liquid liner or mascara. It’s one of those beauty products you probably didn’t know you needed , but once you’ve tried it you won’t be able to live without it.

    Deborah Loves
    Wet Brush Pro£12.99

    Deborah: I know this brush looks like any old brush. But I promise it’s not. I don’t know what makes this pile of plastic bristles better than every other I’ve owned, but put simply it takes all the frustration out of brushing. Especially on wet hair. It glides through tresses and battles through knots with such ease, I have now equipped both my daughters and their school swim bags with one each. A total lifesaver.



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