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    There is a great free kids’ club at the hotel with endless activities, and incredibly friendly staff, plus babysitting services, so you can make the most of being in such a romantic environment. The Mauritian way of life is very geared towards children. All the restaurants have kids’ menus and are suitable for children, so you never feel awkward taking little ones out with you.  

    Image of Constance Prince Maurice Hotel pool

    The resort consists of one main house, four restaurants and two pools. All the rooms are scattered within this space, but your balcony never overlooks anyone else’s and you get total privacy. The decor is very classic, colonial and pared-back with huge, comfortable beds and great closet space. Nothing feels ostentatious, just tasteful and luxurious.

    Image of Laura Fantacci on Mauritian beach

    I have to be honest, I found the water a little disappointing, as it feels more like a lagoon than the sea – it’s very shallow, which is great for kids, as it stays about knee height for several metres, but it’s not comparable to the rich waters of the Caribbean. That said, it’s still a very relaxing and idyllic beach; you can have lunch served underneath your parasol and little touches such as fresh fruit being brought to you throughout the afternoon really cement the excellent service.

    Image of food at Constance Prince Maurice Hotel

    One of my favourite things was being able to have lunch on the beach every day – the ultimate luxury. I am a coeliac and they had plenty of options, so I never felt that I was missing out on anything delicious, and there was lots of choice for the children. It was our little family ritual to sit in the shade and eat on the beach.

    Image of sunset from Constance Prince Maurice Hotel

    There are four restaurants, which is great if you have kids because every night you get a change of scenery without the hassle of leaving. One of them has the most amazing breakfast buffet, with cuisine from around the world, while another serves Asian-style tapas. However, my favourite has to be Le Barochois, set among the mangroves with tables floating on wooden platforms in the middle of the lagoon. It was magical and unbelievably romantic.


    To this day, my holiday at Constance Prince Maurice is one of the most memorable I’ve ever had. It was such a special holiday to have with Greta, in particular. No matter where you go, taking the time to go away before a second baby arrives is a great idea. Not only did I get to have this break away with my family, but I got to go in the middle of winter and experience such glorious weather. I was heavily pregnant, but the whole experience was stress-free. Even when I unfortunately became ill, the medical assistance I received was excellent and went a long way to putting my mind at ease.

    Holiday Diaries

    Constance Prince Maurice Hotel, Mauritius

    For their last holiday as a family of three, Laura headed to Mauritius with her husband and daughter in search of winter sun and a child-friendly resort with all the comforts they could wish for.


    Aerial View of Constance Prince Maurice Hotel

    The last family holiday before baby number two arrived was one I gave lots of thought to. I was almost seven months’ pregnant and it was February, so if I wanted to enjoy some beach time it could only be a long-haul flight; however I was not prepared to suffer jet-lag with a three-year-old in tow, so that ruled out all of the Caribbean. Mauritius became an option because, despite the 12-hour flight, you could fly direct and only be on a two-hour time difference, which for a week’s holiday was perfect. I spoke to Mr & Mrs Smith Family and explained I wanted a child-friendly resort with a good health system in case anything went wrong, and when I saw photos of the Constance Prince Maurice Hotel I was immediately sold.

    Image of Laura Fantacci in Mauritius @witblog



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