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  • My Party Essentials: Ravinder Bhogal

    Ravinder Bhogal’s debut recipe book, Cook in Boots, is a mainstay in our kitchens, while the mere mention of her Marylebone restaurant, Jikoni, is enough to have us dreaming of okra fries for days. It’s safe to say, if we could go to anyone’s house for Christmas dinner, Ravinder’s would be it. But it’s not just her brilliant cheffing skills that are fabulous, her party style is, too. 

    Emilia Wickstead

    Kennedy Floral-Brocade Bow Hair Clip£120

    “Because, at Christmas, I also want to look like a present.”


    Freudian Wood Eau De Parfum 100ml£135

    “This imitates the intimate fragrance of warm skin and has become my signature scent. I buy it at one of my favourite London shops, Trunk, which is conveniently around the corner from my restaurant.”


    Le Smoking Shirt£295

    “A white shirt is a classic that can be dressed up or down – think Lauren Bacall or Carolyn Bessette. I love the shirts by British label S.A.R.K – they have quirky details, such as false nails or valium pills for buttons, or ciggies embroidered into the pocket.”


    Fringed Metallic Pants£690

    “These swishy fringed trousers are just begging to be Boomeranged.”


    Il Leone Medallion Necklace£205

    “I adore my Il Leone medallion. As well as being a beautiful, classic design, it has become a talisman that I wear when I feel like I want to be brave.”

    South Pickenham Estate

    English Sparkling Wine Six Bottles£108

    “I love a reliable sparkler at a party. This British one is from Norfolk and has a bright, delicate taste – it’s so bubbly and charismatic, it virtually does jazz hands. It’s a perfect accompaniment to canapés or a happy prelude to the heaps of food to follow. I also like to take it as a gift.”

    “An evening suit jacket that says you are ready to party but still mean business.”

    “Statement trousers which can be worn as a suit with the coordinating jacket, then re-spun with a classic white shirt.”

    Mae Cassidy

    Babi Bracelet Bag Pomegranate Pink£309

    “This looks like a Christmas bauble, but I can carry my lipstick and cash in it, too.”


    CC Crème SPF25£38

    “I love Korean beauty. I’m not crazy about too much foundation, so this CC cream is perfect; it’s light, blends effortlessly, evens out your skin tone and will make you look a picture of health, even if you are fighting off the worst cold.”


    Herbal Recovery Signature Serum£60

    “I am gobsmacked by the brilliance of this serum. It’s super hydrating and always makes me look like I’ve had nine hours sleep, which I never have. I’m never buying a different moisturiser – ever!”



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