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    How To Do A Facial At Home

    Looking after my skin is an integral part of my beauty routine, even more so during times when I want to feel calmed, nurtured and like I’m taking care of myself. Plus, as we step into summer and make-up becomes minimal, now’s the time to shed wintry complexions and boost natural radiance. Incorporating favourite elements from my daily skincare ritual, my eight-step at-home facial is perfect for a weekly, or even monthly, treat.

    By Petro

    I am not a beauty expert and usually opt for regular mechanical facials (hello, @wellnesspeople and @facegym, I miss you!) to keep my skin looking fresh. However, in the current situation, I have had to become less lazy and laissez-faire about my skincare routine at home. No longer is the usual daily cleanse, vitamin C serum and SPF enough. So, below are the steps I’ve been taking and the products I’ve been using when I have 20 minutes to give my skin some much-needed care.


    Step 1: Cleanse


    This first step is a deep cleanse with your favourite cleanser. I love Venn’s Moisture-Balance All-in-One Face Cleanser, which is full of antioxidants, fragrance-free and gives skin an extra hydration boost. 


    Step 2: Exfoliate


    Once my skin is thoroughly cleansed, I exfoliate it with Omorovicza’s Refining Facial Polisher. The luxe cream formula contains natural pumice to purify and gently buff away dead skin cells, leaving my skin blackhead-free and bright. 


    Step 3: Tone


    If my skin is feeling particularly congested, I reach for Pixi’s cult Glow Tonic toner. Containing glycolic acid, it gives a gentle exfoliation, brightening and smoothing my complexion. I have sensitive skin so sweep this over just my T-zone and nose. 


    Step 4: Mask


    I never have enough time to do masks that need to be left for ages, so I always reach for Erborian’s Milk & Peel Mask, which only takes five minutes. The creamy texture utilises plant-based ingredients to clarify, nourish and hydrate.


    Step 5: De-puff 


    Hay-fever season and interrupted sleep means my eyes are feeling particularly puffy right now, so I’m soothing them with Skin 111’s cooling Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Masks. The directions say to leave for 20 minutes, however I find 10 is sufficient, plus it means I can reuse them. Store in the fridge to boost results. 


    Step 6: Vitamin C Serum


    My desert island beauty product would be vitamin C serum – particularly Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil. The cold-pressed blend leaves my skin looking luminous and refreshed. I use daily, massaging a few drops all over my face. 


    Step 7: Face Roller


    When you’ve got the time, this jade face roller is a cooling and calming step that works your serum into the skin and promotes de-puffing lymphatic drainage. Always roll in an upward motion, starting in the centre of the face and moving towards your temples. Move across the forehead then along each side of your nose. 



    Step 8: Moisturise 


    The final step is a nourishing moisturiser. I love SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, which offers deep hydration without feeling heavy. Ceramides and fatty acids help restore the skin’s barrier and smooth the complexion. It’s my perfect winter-to-summer cream. 



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