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  • Top Tips

    • Consider shape. An open style that frames your face is chic and practical. 
    • Like all knitwear, quality of yarn is key. Look for wool or cashmere, which give warmth and will last. 
    • Hoods in neutral colours will work with all your winter coats, maximising wear. 

    The Balaclava

    We can’t say we’ve thought much about balaclavas over the years. While beanies, berets and bobble hats are go-to winter warmers, balaclavas (also referred to as hoods) have more often been reserved for Arctic-temperature ski trips – or incognito bank robberies. This season, however, they’ve been thrust into the fashion spotlight, and just in time; no headwear beats the chill better. Layer a luxe style under your coat for the chicest way to do deep-freeze insulation. 

    Edited by Laura Words by Frankie

    Top Tips

    • Style your balaclava tonally for a modern, minimal look. 
    • A textured knit, such as cable or ribbing, gives luxe texture to your outfit. 
    • Streamline bulky layers by tucking your hood into your coat collar and leaving your scarf at home. 



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