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    I have always been a pretty practical dresser, so not that much changed for me when I became a mother. I just had to adjust here and there with lengths of hems (there’s no way to wear short dresses or skirts without exposing something!). In general I would say stick to the uniform rules of comfort, manoeuvrability and layering. That doesn’t mean sloppy or slouchy – it’s possible to attain those things and still feel smart and a little like you were before. Here are my five can’t-do-without essentials.



    Contrary to what people might believe, a backless loafer is a great, practical alternative to trainers in the spring and early summer. They’re easy to slip on and off when you’re running to and from the house on various errands or school-runs. They look smart, but are unbelievable comfortable. Just add a cool sock or stocking if you’re worried about getting cold feet. 

    Saint Laurent£886

    A good tote is a mothers’ essential, especially when travelling anywhere. It’s great for stuffing in scarves, hats, snacks, wipes and toys. In a ideal world we would all be walking around with a mini bag, but that’s just not realistic with children of any size. Do go for one that is lightweight when empty, or it will be like carting another child around.

    Bella Freud£295

    A slogan jumper is a great way to add interest to your outfit without having to go to any effort. You can sling it on with anything from jeans to leggings or even a skirt (weather- and children-permitting) and always look instantly pulled-together. Our favourites are from Bella Freud and Chinti and Parker, but there are plenty of great high-street alternatives too.


    Speaking of dressing up, a gold hoop can do magical things to a fairly plain outfit. It just looks like you have taken the time to get a little more dressed up, even though it only took seconds. We are obviously biased and love Laura’s Otiumberg hoops for design and weight, but Astley Clarke and others do great versions too. Opt for a pair that isn’t too heavy, otherwise you will never wear them.

    Isabel Marant Étoile£430

    A quilted trophy jacket is a Wardrobe ICONS spring/summer staple. We regularly throw ours on over a t-shirt and jeans combo, or even a shirt. It is the equivalent to a great blazer, just much warmer and less formal looking – perfect for busy mums. When you get one you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.



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